Your First Visit to True North Orthodontics

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We want your experience to be positive at True North Orthodontics. Learn more about your first visit, and what to expect during treatment.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will take around 60 minutes. To assist with your appointment please fill out our new patient form by downloading it online.

You will arrive at the clinic and our reception staff will show you how to log on to the computer Your log-in tells the treatment staff that you have arrived. Your orthodontist will then complete a New Patient Examination.

What happens when treatment starts?

We will explain our recommendations for future appointments to you.

If it is determined that treatment is not needed at this time (due to growth factors or tooth eruption patterns), you will be placed on a "recall" list for a future appointment.

What will my treatment plan include?

  • Potential Risks and Limitations of Treatment documentation
  • Financial summary
  • Pre-Authorized Insurance Form(s)
  • Privacy Policy Handout
  • Instructions regarding future appointments

New Patient Exam

We will ask for your consent before using and reviewing any of your personal information. We will then review your medical and dental history and gather any additional information as needed with your permission.

During your first appointment, we will:

  • Take pictures of your face, teeth and bite
  • Take a 3D scan of skull, including teeth and jaws
  • Explain the risks, benefits, and alternatives to various treatments. 

Your orthodontist will discuss any concerns and will also answer any questions that you may have.

Our goal is to make your first visit to our office as enjoyable and informative as possible. 

We offer Invisalign® for Teens & Adults!

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