Touch-Up Program

Touch Up Program, True North Orthodontics

Have you previously had orthodontic care and need a touch-up? Ask us about our customized program. 

What is your Touch-Up program?

Our Touch-Up Program is designed to help people straighten their teeth if they have shifted since the last time they had orthodontic treatment.

Why would I consider getting a touch-up?

  • If you have previously had orthodontic treatment
  • If would like to revisit the look of your smile
  • If you forgot to wear your retainer and have had teeth shift out of place
  • If you would like to straighten the appearance of your front upper and bottom teeth

How much does orthodontic revision cost?

Prices range from $2,900 – $3,900* conditions apply. This treatment does not involve fixing bites and is only available for the front top and lower teeth.

Ask us how you can participate in this program today!

Please note, patients must have previously received orthodontic treatment from either one of our orthodontists or another orthodontist.

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